About me

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I'm a stay at home mom living in northern Michigan.  I love cooking from scratch and trying new things. I'm a long time gardener and frequenter of farmer's markets.  I keep processed foods out of my diet and try to keep them out of the house.  Although I am an omnivore I eat vegan/vegetarian meals often and try to source the meat I do eat responsibly.  I'm very interested in the many different ideas out there about what is  "healthy" to eat.  The latest focus for my curiosity is the primal/paleo diet.

I have a nine year old son, Alex, who is allergic to dairy, walnuts, peas and peanuts and seems sensitive to wheat and soy.  He's more and more interested in trying to cook on his own.  Other influences on my cooking were a father that loved anything new and different and could make an awesome stir-fry and a mom and grandma that made the best Slovak comfort food. My husband John will try anything but his tastes have taught me that often the simplest food is best.

I also have a new addition, my daughter Penny who was born in 2010.  In the kitchen this means another mouth to feed and the pressure to try to do things "better" this time around.  Really all I'm trying to do is eat real food and not get bored in the kitchen.

5 Random Facts About Me:
-I'm a product of the Detroit Public School system, K-12.
-I love the taste of uncooked pancake batter, especially with blueberries.
-I was a Big Boy waitress for 6 years.  I worked there on weekends and summers during my senior year of high school and throughout college.
-I was a vegetarian for over 7 years.
-I fell in love with my husband the first night we met, even though his car smelled like strawberries.

For those wondering why I call it Dog Hill Kitchen, check out my chronicle of Building on Dog Hill

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Want to reach me? Write to doghillkitchen {at} gmail DOT com