March 18, 2008

Foodie Blogroll and other tidbits

I joined the Foodie Blogroll this week. It's a great collection of food blogs that are a ton of fun to browse through. The creator, Jenn, has a great blog of her own: The Left Over Queen. Also, I was reading Bitten (Mark Bittman's food blog at NY Times) earlier today and saw two interesting articles. One was a link to this chart that lists which of the more prevalent organic food labels is owned by a much larger food producer. Even though it's interesting information, it doesn't give you a true idea of how the individual lines are run and whether they were created solely by the big companies or just bought out and possibly still retain their originators. Just because some big conglomerate is involved does not mean that quality food isn't being made in a responsible fashion. Of course, I love going out of my way and trying to buy from the local small guy. The other item that caught my eye was that the documentary "King Corn" would be playing on PBS April 15th. I've heard great things about the film and can't wait to see it. Here is Bittman's blog, you can watch the trailer yourself below. It would seem PBS has my number lately since I've become addicted to their Complete Jane Austen series as well. I'm busy with plans to travel to Chicago and trying to decide what to bake/cook for Easter. I should have some recipes later this week.