April 12, 2009

This year's Easter eggs

We to celebrate both Easters (Orthodox and Western) because my husband and his family are Greek Orthodox. Though our celebration on Western Easter is more low key, the Easter bunny and multicolored eggs come then. These are my food-dyed eggs for this year: red/pink = beets, purple = blackberries, yellow = turmeric, blue= red cabbage, green = red cabbage + turmeric. I attempted using onion skins for a dark red but they ended up dark brown, as always. I also tried using spinach in water and in oil but neither mixture transferred the color so I went with a double dip to get a greenish color.

Happy Easter/Palm Sunday!

P.S. I'm woefully behind in my blog visiting/reading because I'm packing like crazy for our move. I hope to find some time to catch up soon because I know there are a ton of great food and ideas I don't want to miss!
P.P.S. I didn't get around to trying all the Easter Ideas but I did make the homemade vegan creme eggs and my son Alex LOVED them!! They were the stars of this morning's Easter basket.