June 24, 2010

The Whole Badelynge (two new ducklings!)

Yesterday morning the final members of our little group of ducks arrived. We had originally ordered four ducklings but sadly one of the first set, our blue Indian runner, arrived deceased. The service at eFowl.com was very helpful and promised us a replacement duck in two weeks.

Well it turns out that our little replacement duckling needed a travel companion and so we now have a flock of five; our big girls, Charlotte, Pixie and Coco, and the two new ducklings, Gypsy (the replacement blue) and Solomon (a second black duckling.)  Since the extra duckling didn't come with a gender identifying leg band and we haven't made the effort to check its nether regions we are calling it Solomon after the nemesis in my husband's latest iPhone game, Solomon's Keep.  I suppose we'll have to change it to Solome if it starts laying eggs. 

Seeing the two sets of ducklings side by side made the older girls' growth even more dramatic.  They are getting way too big for the garage!  Thankfully their coop is finished being built and we'll be picking it up on Sunday.  We're trying to introduce different foods to them.  They love broccoli and Swiss chard and yesterday we gave the older girls some tent caterpillar moths to eat.  Coco was especially enthusiastic about them.  Today the whole gang got some time outside and Charlotte and Pixie had a snack of daddy longlegs.  The two little ones tried copying the older ducks but were far too slow.  Here are some pictures from their outing.
Gypsy copying Pixie
Clockwise from the bottom left: Coco, Charlotte, Gypsy, Solomon and Pixie
The "old" girls, Coco, Charlotte and Pixie
Pixie and Solomon
Charlotte and Pixie towering over the new ducklings
And a random picture of Fritz taking a nap in Penny's Boppy, I'd be mad at him but he fits perfectly.
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