April 10, 2011

Spring in the air and gluten-free pizza in the oven

The pizza pictured above is my very first attempt at a gluten-free/dairy-free pizza and it was damn good.  I used the recipe for Gluten-Free Crusty Boule dough from Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day.  With help from the directions in the book I kept my crust thin, patting it out with floured hands instead of rolling and baked it at 500 degrees F for about 10 minutes.  But as good as that pizza was the time spent outside today was even better.

A few hours in the afternoon, bracketed by thunderstorms in the morning and early evening, the weather was perfect--just enough sun and as warm as a midsummer day.

It began innocently enough.
We thought it would be fun to let Penny try out her walking feet in the grass.
She is still unsure about walking on uneven ground and completely refuses to walk in shoes.
Alex wanted to make a hose river but his sister didn't think it was a good idea.
Her fears were validated when he put mud on her foot.
Things looked considerably better after Abbie showed up.
And all was forgiven once the mud was wiped off.
We left Alex to his imagination.
There were mumblings about the mighty Mississippi.
And we did some daydreaming of our own in the garden. 
I don't know what Penny is thinking but I'm picturing pumpkins and lots of kale.
Karmal came with us to the garden.
But Perfect stayed to watch the river.
We tracked down the ducks, who seemed a little skittish.
They finally settled down in the white pine forest in our valley.
Penny and I relaxed under the pine boughs on the soft fallen needles.
The weedy equisetum growing there kept Penny entertained.
And Fritz acted as our guard dog.
It's a good thing we had him because look what came after us!
We had nothing to fear, except getting dirty, it was only Alex.
Thunder and a chill in the air chased us indoors where we told a sleepy Nelson all about our adventure.
And then we had some leftover pizza.