February 5, 2012

Whole 30 Wrap-up

I completed my Whole 30!!  It was a very positive experience and I have been feeling pretty great.  I lost 9 pounds which broke through my weight plateau, I feel more energetic overall and I've had better sleep.  Take that last one in context, I do have a co-sleeping toddler.   I found that eating full paleo really seems to have much more of an impact compared to when I gave up wheat last year, where I saw little to no changes.  I notice a difference with no honey or maple syrup and limiting the amount of fruit I eat, especially dried.  Even with those restrictions I don't think I'm eating anywhere near low-carb but I wonder how sustainable it will be in the long run.  Sweet things tend to be a slippery slope for me even when I avoid all refined sugar.  I also think there is a significant benefit to making sure I get raw, dark green leafy vegetables every day.  I only had one or two days without a big salad, usually with at least some raw kale.  The salads gave me a chance to be more creative so they didn't all taste the same, and really helped cravings.  I do look forward to allowing myself to "cheat" occasionally, especially in social situations.  So far I've let myself have a "carb up" day this past Friday.  I had almond flour pancakes (with a tiny amount of maple syrup), bacon (which I had been avoiding because of the sugar), roasted white potatoes and some coconut milk ice cream.  Of course I also ate salads, other vegetables and some meat that day too.  Only the bacon seemed to give my stomach trouble.  Maybe it was just too much of a sugar/salt/fat punch and I need to take it slower?  For my current plan I would like to keep eating clean paleo but allow myself 3-4 small indiscretions a week, IE something sweet or starchy.   I can't decide if it's better to keep them all in one day or spread them out.  I'll just have to wait and work it out as I go.