April 22, 2008

An Iron Chef Game for the Wii?

I was reading an interview with Alton Brown on Chow today and apparently there is an Iron Chef game due out this summer for the Wii and Nintendo DS. I really enjoyed playing Cooking Mama for the DS last year and there has been a lot of similar games out lately. The Wii version of Cooking Mama was just a uninspired rehashing and only worth spending the money if you are dying to play multiplayer. The indie gaming community has come out with several different food related games, the most widespread being Diner Dash. Diner Dash has to be one of the most copied game styles ever! You can find every different kind of restaurant as well as salon and pet shop versions. It's ridiculous! Recently, I've tried a few indie games with gameplay more like Cooking Mama but without the user interface of the Wii or DS I just couldn't get into them. I'm hoping the Iron Chef game will be a new take on this genre. There is completely worthless trailer on the production company's website but hopefully they'll be letting us know more soon. Here's the link: Iron Chef:Supreme Cuisine
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