April 9, 2008

Someone thinks I'm Excellent!

I'd like to thank chriesi from Almond Corner for noticing my blog and thinking it worthy of an Excellent rating. As far as I understand, I'm supposed to pick ten blogs that I think are exceptional. I suspect a few of these blogs have already been given this honor but I hope I have a few that are wonderful but haven't been nominated yet. I'm really partial to vegan blogs because they always have great ideas for cooking without dairy. Here are my picks:

Kim at My plate, my world has some great recipes. I love her recent posts with recipes for angel food bites and coconut rice.

Sarah at What Smells So Good? is full of ideas about alternative baking. She plays around with a lot of different ingredients and has a variety of recipes in different categories (vegan, gluten-free, egg-free, Weight Watcher friendly, etc)

Allergic Mom at The Allergic Kid has the most hilarious Shrek cupcakes that you just have to see!

Bobby at Blog Chef has inspiring recipes. I was particularly impressed with the egg tutorial.

I'm dying to try all of the recipes on Kitchen Wench. I love her comments about trying to get exact measurements for recipes out of her mother.

Trina at Your Vegan Mom is full of recipes that are perfect to test on Alex since they are full of veggies and no cow's milk. An added plus is that her little munchkin is ADORABLE!

feeding maybelle has great vegetarian recipes, many of which are kid friendly.

Michelle at Je mange la ville and I seem to share similar tastes, since everything she cooks sounds good to me.

Jen at A peek into the mundane is a fellow Michigander cooking vegan fare for her two boys.

Maria at Organically Cooked is cooking the wild greens of Crete. I love her spiral pita and I wish I wasn't so clumsy with filo. One of these days I'll get up the courage.