September 15, 2008

Bookmarked Recipes: Cookie Wrapped Figs

I really loved Clumbsy Cookie's Fig Week. My favorite recipe was the cookie wrapped figs. She wrapped Chinese five spice flavored dough around a fresh fig and baked, glazed and topped them with pistachio nuts. So, I picked up some figs and gave the recipe a try last week. I wanted to keep the purple color (and I'm lazy) so I didn't bother to peel my figs but I did trim the tough stems off. I substituted Earth Balance for the butter in the dough. The five spice powder made it very fragrant. My dough was a little hard to handle in the rolled out circles but pinched together and covered the figs easily. I liked how the figs inside cooked and dried out slightly but still remained much moister than a cookie made with dried figs. They reminded me of spicy, two-bite fig pies.

I'm adding this to Bookmarked Recipes, an event started by Ruth's Kitchen's Experiments. This week's host is Ning from Heart and Hearth. Visit her site on Monday, September 22nd to see the round up of tested recipes. You can see this week's round up at Passionate About Baking.

Clumbsy Cookie's Spiced Cookie Wrapped Figs
Clumbsy Cookie's at it again, this week it's inside out smores!
(I'm going to have to stop going here before I gain 50 lbs!)
My Honey Mustard Tofu recipe
Ning's version of Honey Mustard Tofu on Heart and Hearth.