September 24, 2008

Stock tip

Fall has officially arrived and that means there is cider in my fridge. The first thought I had when I saw the cider is that I need to make some chicken stock. Whenever I have cider in the house I add some to my stocks, either chicken or vegetable. The touch of sweetness and acid help make the tastiest soup broth. I gathered up all of the old and wilting aromatics in the fridge, picked some herbs and with a whole chicken I had made a big pot of stock. I added a splash of cider at the beginning and then at the end I tasted it for seasoning and added another small splash. It'll make your soup stocks fantastic!

Now, on to my second thought upon seeing the cider...I need caramel apples and donuts!

*Update: I haven't made the trip to either place yet but I called and you can get unpastruized cider at Verellen Orchards in Romeo, as well as Dexter Cider Mill for those closer to Ann Arbor.