February 8, 2009

Building a dream kitchen feels like...

..the night before the first day of school. You have the perfect new outfit. Your backpack is stocked with sharpened pencils and a brand new Trapper Keeper (or a knockoff as the case may have been). Everything is laid out and ready but that can't guarantee that the day will go well so you excitedly fret and can't get to sleep. Now imagine that you've been getting ready for that first day for months, no say over a year plus the couple of years it took to find the outfit. And make it so that your closet is five hours away.

I'm building the house I've dreamed of my whole life, on rolling acreage in the country that my husband and I hunted for years for. The house has been in the planning/building stage for over a year and now the walls are being painted and the kitchen is starting to come together and I'm five hours away!! I'm not sure when I'll sleep next.

More about the house at Building on Dog Hill with kitchen details at Plans for my new kitchen
*Thanks to my builders for these photos!

The kitchen taking shapeThe cabinets for the range and hoodThe cabinetry for the fridge and ovensThe message center cabinetry; mudroom to the left, walk in pantry to the rightThe island cabinetsMy soon-to-be prep area