February 26, 2009

Pantry Plans

Yes, the new kitchen is flashy and exciting but I'm REALLY enthusiastic about having a walk-in pantry. All that space! I can label stuff like Martha! Ok, I can't imagine I'll get that organized-- but think about how much mess I can hide in there! My cupcake papers and candy molds don't have to stored in the laundry room. The canning equipment can actually be on the main floor instead of a corner of the basement. I don't have to store my onions in a shoebox.

Today I worked out the closet layouts and it really got me fired up. It shouldn't be much more than a month til the move!!! For the layouts, I used the online design tool on the Easy Track website. They're an earth-friendly closet system that our builders suggested. The design tool was easy to use and it was fun to see the unit spinning in 3D. Their customer service staff was very helpful (I called several times with questions). Now, if only the outlets all line up perfectly I'll be set. Here's the pantry layout:

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*No compensation was received for this Easy Track plug, but a discount wouldn't be turned down. ;)