March 10, 2009

Catchy Trader Joe's Tribute

Michigan weather is playing havoc with my foodblogging. We've recently had some warm, sunny days but then every other day is rain and gloom. On the sunny days, I can't bear staying indoors and have gotten a lot of pruning and other garden work done. On the gloomy days, I'm inside moping and not cooking because there's no way I'll get a decent picture of anything I make.

So instead of something I've cooked here's a catchy little video. It's from Carl's Fine Films and I found it on Taste Odyssey. I'm passing it along so I'm not the only freak humming it in my head. Thanks for all the well wishes, I'm feeling much better and I'll get cooking soon.

What's you favorite Trader Joe's find? I LOVE their sesame coated almonds and one time I got some dried lychees that were the best but I haven't seen them again.