March 31, 2009

Kitchen Lights

Nope, not finished yet... but our new house (and my new kitchen) are getting very close to being done. We went up to visit last week and got to see a lot of the lighting going in. It was also our first look at the faucets and countertops. With all the work going on a lot of things were covered up but I did get some pictures to show. This coming week they'll be finishing up in some rooms and soon it will be ready for the final inspection. Here's what I have to share.

This is a photo from the builders sent after the counter tops and sinks were installed. For those who asked the island is a little more than 4 foot x 8 foot.I had to pull away some of the cardboard to take a peek while I was there. I love the modern looking drain board on the main sink. And my view!!The range is in place but not hooked up yet.Ovens in place, ignore the dust.My son and husband love the ice maker. Alex kept snatching ice cubes.The tile for the backsplash was delivered. It's from Trikeenan Tileworks and will look similar to this in place.The breakfast nook light, pulled up to be out of the way it will be lowered laterThe schoolhouse style lights over the islandCheck out the cute hat from Christo (aka doggybloggy) of ChezWhat?
Thanks Christo! I love that it makes Alex look like a little lizard.
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