March 15, 2009

More progress on my new kitchen

Our builders sent some pictures on Friday and I'm so happy with how things look. In the kitchen the big change is that the counter tops are in. The banquet seating and the range hood are also installed. They were cutting holes for faucets on Friday and the rest of the appliances should be moved in soon. I'm impatient as ever but look how close we're getting! We're planning on making a trip up this coming weekend to see everything in person.

You gotta love the action shot of the hood installation.
The hood is in place. Just think of the stuff I can burn and not set off all the smoke alarms.
Blackened fish for everyone!
The banquet seating is in place. It has four drawers for storage.
I have to start looking for a table! Counter tops!!!
Apparently I haven't mentioned how cute all the carpenters are. Well here ya go.
Thanks guys, it's looking great!
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