November 14, 2008

Memes and awards

I really need to catch up on the tags and awards that some generous bloggers have passed along. I don't how I started putting these off but now the guilt is becoming overwhelming. I've procrastinated long enough and now I'm going to clean the slate and do them all at once. Without further ado...

First the memes:
I'm going to cheat and not single people out. If you are reading this, have a blog, and want to play then do so. Please let me know because I'd love to read them.

Mother's Kitchen got me with 5 Stupid things I do in the kitchen.

1. I burn and cut myself a lot. I'd like to think of the resulting scarring as badges of honor (a la Kitchen Confidental) but really I'm just clumsy.
2. I'll hide something really good, like fancy chocolate, and then forget about it until it's gotten old. Or John finds it and eats it all in in one bite. He does this to my Vosges chocolate bars all the time. I need a new hiding spot!
3. I buy cheap knives. I just know I won't treat the good knives like I'm supposed to. My favorite chef's knife is a piece of garbage from Ikea that I let go through the dishwasher.
4. I buy Jello and never make it.
5. I leave wooden spoons soaking too long until they warp. I hate hand washing dishes.

For Mom, I'm also doing 7 Random things about me. I'm following her example and as such all are food related.

1. I hated mayonnaise as a kid and called it "white death". I got it from Arnold the comic strip.
2. I crave raw flour. Pancake batter, cookie dough, raw pie pastry...I've even tossed blueberries, raw flour and sugar together with soy milk to simulate eating a bowl of blueberry pancake batter.
3. Tempering chocolate makes me break out in panic sweats.
4. My friend's parents have this story of me as a kid. I was on trip with them and I wouldn't eat anything. In an attempt to find something I would enjoy they asked me what my favorite foods were. My response was, "Artichokes, crab legs and tofu." They still tell people this story.
5. I keep Tofutti frozen pizzas in my freezer for the times when I just can't muster the energy to cook for Alex.
6. My all time favorite cookbook is the church cookbook from Sacred Heart in Livonia, MI.
7. If I could only use two spices it would be garlic powder and cayenne pepper. These are indispensable for me.

Ning at Heart and Hearth tagged me with 6 quirky things I do.

1. I have borderline OCD issues over loading the dishwasher. I hate it when other people do it for me.
2. I go along with my husband's superstition about guests always leaving by the door they entered. This is not an easy thing with young children running in and out of your house all day. But apparently my daughter (which I do not have, I have one son) will never get married if I don't do this.
3. I save used twist ties to reuse them.
4. I used to insist that the total when filling gas be rounded up to an even dollar. I have since gotten over this but I drove everyone nuts with it first. John still finds himself doing it.
5. I always wet my toothbrush with water before putting toothpaste on it.
6. I like to eat breakfast food for dinner and dinner food for breakfast.

And now the awards:

Julie of Julie Jams gave me the 2008 Fabulous Food Blog Award.

I'm giving this to:
Chef Benwa
Milk Allergy Mom

Jo from The Adventures of Kitchen Girl gave me the Brillante Blog Award.
I'd like to pass it along to:
Once in a blue moon
Dispensing Happiness

Sarah at What Smells so good honored me with the 'Wylde Woman Award'.
I'm giving this to:
Mid-Michigan Foodie for her fabulous locavore efforts.
The Cabinet of Prof. Kitty for her great Trying to Eat Cheap series of posts.

1. Give it to one or 100 or any number in between - it's up to you. Make sure you link to their site in your post.
2. Link back to this blog: Women, art, life: Weaving_it all together
3. Remember the Purpose of the Award: To send love and acknowledgment to women who brighten your day, teach you new things and live their lives fully with generosity and joy.

Thanks to all who tagged me or honored me with an award!