November 9, 2008

Top Chef: The Game

My husband sent me a link to the online store for the company that produces the boxed version of our game Hamsterball, which is now in stores (Target, Best Buy, etc.) I was browsing through (due to professional curiosity of course) and found Top Chef: The Game. I just had to order it! I've been counting the days until the new season starts and I love cooking video games. My recent favorite is Order Up for the Wii which is an improved version in the Cooking Mama genre. I love that you juggle several tasks at once but the game was a little short. I've been waiting for the Iron Chef game to be released after having the release date change at least three times and I keep looking at the Hell's Kitchen game but the CGI Gordon Ramsay is ghastly. Hopefully the Top Chef game turns out to be worth buying. I'll try and post a review when it gets here.

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