November 2, 2008

Plans for my new kitchen

When I started this foodblog my intention was to spend a lot of time recording the process of designing and building the kitchen in our new house. What I hadn't anticipated was my reaction of "Ack, now that it's time to make these decisions I have no idea what I really want!" Picking a style and sticking to it is hard when you know that this is something you'll live with for the next 30+ years and you have fairly eclectic tastes. I did finally commit to a layout and materials that I think are classic but not too neutral. Things are really progressing nicely on the house and we're still hoping for a finish date in January (cross your fingers for me). I've been meaning to post more about the kitchen because I'm so excited but life (and cooking) got in the way. So here goes nothing and everything about my fabulous new kitchen...
The south sideThe west side
The north sideThe cabinet and counter top materials
Both styles of cabinet will be made of maple.
The countertops are Cambria quartz.The light fixtures for the kitchen