October 4, 2008

Growing mushrooms Day 1

Look what was waiting for me when I returned home!

John was bugging me to order morels to plant on our land and after looking around this Morel Habitat Kit sounded pretty easy. I couldn't resist upgrading to the Gourmet's Delight Kit which also came with Shiitake, Pom Pom Blanc and Sonoma Brown Oyster logs. The morel spawn is waiting in the fridge for our next trip up north to our land and building site. The logs got their start up treatment this morning. I can't wait to see how they turn out! The shiitake mushrooms won't start producing for up to a month and the directions are pretty complicated. The oyster and pom pom mushrooms could potentially be harvestable in a week and a half. They were super easy to start, just stab and cover. I just have to remember to mist them everyday. I should be buried in mushrooms soon!

Update: Only the morels are grown in the yard in a 4'x4' spot. In my case I'm making a forest patch on the land we're building on. The three logs pictured above grow indoors. They take up less space than most houseplants.