October 13, 2008

Growing mushrooms Day 9 (2nd harvest)

The remaining shiitake mushrooms were ready to harvest today. I found the oyster mushrooms from the first harvest just average in taste but these 11 shiitakes were small but very flavorful! They had the intense smoky, nutty flavor that I usually only find in dried shiitakes. I sauteed them in grape seed oil and ate them with a pork steak. The shiitake log must rest 10 to 14 days before it can be restarted but I have one last log that I haven't harvested yet. The pom pom blanc mushrooms started sprouting two days ago and now have 4 clumps growing that are each an inch in diameter. When they first budded they looked like cauliflower florets but as their details have grown larger they look just like coral. I have no idea what these will taste like so I'm excited to have my first try which should be in a day or two.

We'll be going up north this week and I'll be planting my forest morel patch on our land (location to be kept super secret). The morel kit is a bag of mushroom spawn that is planted in a partially shaded 4 foot x 4 foot plot. You feed it with kitchen scraps and keep it moist in the dry summer months and morels are guaranteed! I just need to find a spot that won't get destroyed by the remaining construction on our new house or by the dogs once we move it. Wish me luck!

Pom pom blanc mushroom log

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If you are interested in buying your own mushroom logs, I purchased mine from Gourmet Mushrooms.