October 5, 2008

Tea at Warda's

Today was my second event with the Michigan Lady Food Bloggers. Back in early September we had a fantastic potluck. Warda another member of our little circle who couldn't attend the potluck invited us to her home today for a tea. Warda's plan was to share her traditional Algerian sweets that are part of the end of Ramadan celebration.

When I arrived Warda was readying the sweet couscous for its steaming. With the couscous steaming away we moved out to her patio where an array of pastries awaited us. We enjoyed the treats with sweetened mint tea in beautiful little glasses. Everything was wonderful but for me there was a clear winner. I loved her date-filled semolina cookies! The exterior was crunchy and at the same time sticky with honey. The center was gently spiced and gooey with a molasses-like flavor. They were wonderful! It was beginning to get chilly so we moved inside when the couscous was ready. The dramatic pile of couscous was topped with walnuts and cinnamon and served with glasses of cold milk (a treat for me since I don't keep cow's milk in our house.) I was surprised at how buttery the flavor was and the extremely light texture. The raisins gave just enough sweetness though a sprinkle of sugar was also an option. Thanks again Warda for the wonderful experience!

Warda's recipe for Seffa (dried fruit and cinnamon couscous)
More of Warda's beautiful writing and food can be found at 64 sq ft Kitchen.

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Lisa and her husband Joe of Kitchen Chick
Sarah of Una Buona Forchetta
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A glass of sweetened mint tea
Peanut filled crescents Hazelnut shortbreads with coconut tarts in the background
The delicious, sticky date cookies The Seffa: dried fruit couscous with raisins, cinnamon, and walnuts