October 9, 2008

Growing mushrooms Day 5

We had wonderful Indian summer weather today. My son Alex was busy playing outside all afternoon and I was inside watching a pot of applesauce. I've already scorched one pot this fall so I wasn't taking any chances. Hence I had time to take a few more pictures of the mushroom logs. Both the oyster mushrooms and shiitakes have grown but still no action from the pom pom blanc log. The gills on the oyster mushrooms are much more pronounced today and the largest shiitake cap has started to flare. In anticipation of the first harvest I've begun defrosting some phyllo dough but that's as far as I've gone in planning.

Growing mushrooms Day 4
Growing mushrooms Day 1
If you are interested in your own, I purchased the logs from here.

The brown oyster log Day 5 The top of the oyster mushrooms The developing gills on the brown oyster mushrooms The baby shiitake mushroom, it just keeps getting cuter!
I can hardly stand how velvety the cap looks.