December 6, 2009

Snowy Sunday

We've finally gotten a load of decent snow! Today my son Alex and I did some crafting, played in the snow, and I finally processed some stashed away quince from my father-in-law's tree.

This week's 9 Bean Rows share: (clockwise from top)
Salad greens, bok choi (I've been perfecting my egg foo young), sourdough loaf,
peppers, garlic, potatoes, lacinato kale, and apples
*Behind this week's share are my homegrown red cabbage and Brussels sprouts.
They survived the light dusting of snow they got before I remembered they
were still out in the garden. I have to come up with plans for those as well this week.
Battered but still valuable quince I cleaned out of the fridge
to make jelly and quince cheese. Damn ugly but the jelly is heavenly!
One of our crafts today was taking Alex's Lego advent calender figures
and turning them into snow globes.
Fritz loves being out in the snow. I think the little snow beard he gets is the cutest thing!