July 22, 2011

Patio "Soup"

My cooking in the past weeks has been all about the grill and the new vegetables coming to market.  Can we all give patty pan squash a standing ovation-- it is just too awesome!  I miss it so much the rest of the year.  In my kitchen I'm making old standards and nothing really new.  The kids are busy outside inventing though.  Penny and Alex were having fun the other day making "soup" out of anything edible that they could find growing near our patio: currants, catnip, grape leaves, black raspberries, and serviceberries were in this batch that I caught them making. 

More "soup" making
Flamey gets a petunia hat
John's new water pumping windmill
We visited downstate last weekend.  Alex played Battleship with Grandpa.
Climbed in some trees
And amused Great-grandma Helen