August 16, 2011

Update and some Peeled Snacks (giveaway too!)

We're back from the beach. Our week of fun in the sun is over and fall looms ahead. Instead of waking up to sunrises like this and going for a walk on the beach.
We're back home and waking up to this!  It turns out one of our supposed to be pullets is a rooster and started an oh so lovely crowing ritual while we were gone.  We've renamed him Hawkeye by the way.  Votes are being taken about his soup pot status.   
Travelling with our food restrictions is always tricky but some homemade beef jerky and lots of dried figs saw us through.  While we were travelling, I received an email offering a sample from a company called Peeled Snacks.  Since giving up refined sugar myself and cutting down on it for the while family we've really been appreciating the sweet kick dried fruit gives.  So I accepted the offer to try some of their goodies. 
They were waiting for me when I got home and today we gave them a try. We received apricots, pineapple and their farmer's market trio (apple, cherry and raisins.)   All were delicious with no added sugar.  The trio was especially kid friendly and I liked the small package size of the pineapple, since I am known to go a little overboard on dried pineapple and need the portion control. 
For more about their products, Peeled Snacks has the trifecta of Facebook, Twitter and Website.  Samples will be available at Costco stores on Thursday (8/18) and Wednesday (8/24), for you lucky southeast Michigan folks who can go.  They also have a cool recipe contest going on right now, details can be found on Facebook and HERE.

**Giveaway** Now Closed
In addition to my free samples Peeled Snacks has offered to give one of my readers an Organic Fruit Picks Variety Pack.  So drop a comment here before midnight Tuesday August 23rd.  If you like them on Facebook or follow them on Twitter you can drop an extra comment or two for a better chance at winning.

*I received these samples free of charge in exchange for reviewing them here and running a giveaway.  No other compensation was given and the opinions are mine and honest.