September 15, 2011

Shelling Beans

At first appearances shelling beans aren't a very rewarding crop to grow. A 3 foot by 10 foot bed will yield only just barely enough beans for a single pot of soup.  And as I am more and more interested in pursuing a more paleo or primal style of eating, beans are generally frowned upon because of their anti-nutrient, high carb, Neolithic status.  But there is fun to be had and Penny and I were busy harvesting and shelling today and when it comes time to eat our beans we'll be sure to soak and cook them well.
We had three methods of bean removal.  The first is the Thumb Slide.
The second I call the Zipper Pull.
And the third Penny came up with and I named the Tear and Fling. 
It's not pictured because it results in beans flying in every direction and me scrambling to gather them back up. But rest assured Penny wore a smirk like this one while doing it.
Bonus video with Penny saying "beans"