April 3, 2008

Top Chef Chicago Film Food

The quickfire this week seemed like a great showcase of the chefs' skills but the show editing didn't give us enough close up food shots for it to be worth it to the viewer. I would have loved to have a closer look at Dale's avocado rolls. Seeing him slice the avocado was impressive. And I would have been interested in know more about different components on Richard's plate. But alas the editors denied us our food porn and hurried through. Then came the film inspired meal. Usually just the thought of tapioca pudding makes me gag (sorry dad, I know you love it) but for some reason Andrew's mushroom/balsamic/soy tapioca with the seared salmon sounds awesome. I think it may have been a stroke of luck that broke poor Richard's smoker. I can just see the judges complaining that like Marcel's foams we really don't need every dish covered in plastic wrap and filled with smoke. During the judging, I think Zoi was full of sour grapes with her repeated complaints about what the judges are looking for. I trust Tom Colicchio and Daniel Boulud to call out a poor choice in flavor combination. Would I have put wasabi in white chocolate and served it with smoked salmon? No, but clearly the dish worked. Judging from her bloodshot eyes I think she may have been terribly upset and worried about being sent home (or maybe stuck in a room too long with free Bud Lights?) Stephanie's food is once again what I'd love to be able to taste. My mouth watered thinking about her NY Strip Steak, Braised Short Rib & Apple Potsticker with Caramel Sauce This is definitely a labor intensive dish though, not one I think I'd attempt anytime soon. My mind is spinning trying to think of a way to combine those flavors (beef, apple, caramel) in more simple preparation.
This week's winning dish: SMOKED SALMON WITH FAUX CAVIAR