June 21, 2010

The Ducks' 1st Day Out

While we were gone this weekend the ducks seemed to grow at least 3 inches each. So today I let them have a little supervised adventure outside.  They nibbled a few weeds and fell into the ditch where we had a hose running and Fritz, our young dachshund, was completely out of control.  The best part is when they followed me around in a little herd...no wait, clutch, flock, badelynge??  According to the "ultimate authority" WikiAnswers, they are my brood of ducklings.  But I'm totally going to be throwing around the term badelynge when they are all grown up!
Coco taking a dip/slip
I moved them into the shade when I noticed Charlotte (the black one) panting. Her dark feathers must soak up the sun like crazy.  They were much more relaxed then.
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