July 2, 2010

Cavorting in the Coop

This week the ducklings got to try out their new coop.  Since last week Alex has been hunting bugs to feed the ducklings and taking walks around the yard but we really didn't expect how much he loves hanging out in the coop with them.  Every day he's been sitting in the coop, feeding them treats and watching them take their baths.  He's even been a great help in carrying them back into the garage for the night.  Since the ducks are all still so young and it's pretty cool at night here we put them back into their boxes in the garage each night.  I plan on letting the older ones stay outside next week. 

For those interested, we bought our coop from Green Chicken Coop.  They have nice designs and were willing to make some duck specific modifications.  We're happy with the coop so far, though I think we might need to make the ramp wider.  Ya gotta love that they are a Michigan-based company!  John drove down to Bay City to pick up the finished coop so we could save on the shipping costs.
The duck's new coop
Alex testing the doorway
And lounging inside
The whole group sitting together
Alex giving them some grasshoppers.  It looks like Coco is going to be our best forager, she snatches up everything!
They love the big water dish!
Gypsy taking a dip
Chest preening afterwards

Penny was *mostly* content to lounge in the shade on her blanket
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