July 11, 2010

The girls with their grown-up feathers

This past week the older ducks began to emerge from their ugly teenager stage as their adult chest and wing feathers fill in.  The new feathers are darker and beautifully glossy.  We can start to see Pixie's pattern as her tan chest feathers develop, she is a fawn and white.

We're also coming to realize just how stupid ducks can be.  Despite our regular handling of them and hand feeding them treats they really have little trust in us.  We haven't manage to train them to go into the coop at night and we have to chase them out to get them to wander around the yard even when the dogs are locked away inside.  Maybe it's our inexperience though?   
Pixie's tan chest feathers
The gang out of the coop
Alex herding them out of the weeds
Roxie checking out Pixie
Charlotte, Gypsy and Coco
Enjoying the water
Pixie, Charlotte and Coco
The group in the coop run
Penny got some tummy time
I know I'm just an infatuated mother but I really think she has perfect ears
Roxy snuck in for some dog love
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