June 17, 2011

Mint and Melon

This month's Spice Rack Challenge is mint.  I have my vegetable garden planted and school done for the summer so I should be able to find a few moments to blog here and there.  I have my two favorite mint combinations blogged already, mint/chocolate and mint/lamb so I had to think of what else I like to do with mint.   I think mint is wonderful in any fruit salad and mint and melon are especially good together. Here is my non-recipe for fruit and mint, of course it's simple but I need a baby step right now.

Mint and Melon
  1. Seed, peel and cube melon
  2. Chiffonade fresh mint leaves
  3. Toss with citrus juice and a little zest (I like orange or lime for this)
  4. Eat
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