March 13, 2008

Top Chef Chicago Episode 1

I'll admit it: Top Chef is shameless "reality" TV, but I can't help watching the new episodes anyway. I won't waste time writing recaps, there are better sites already out there doing that. I particularly love Television without Pity's Keckler and the Bravo TV Blogs. Harold and Anothony Bourdain are always worth reading on Bravo. Occasionally, I'll read Blogging Top Chef or Amuse-Biatch, too.
My thoughts on the season 4 opener are: I love that they get lockers and can bring some of their own ingredients. It makes so much more sense when they are all competing with different cooking styles to make sure they have crucial elements of their personal style. The idea of having pairs to compare for the first elimination challenge instead of trying to compare that many dishes all against each other was decent. I liked that the winner triumphed despite her nerves. Did Andrew seriously say he didn't know how to make mayonnaise? I thought his competitor, Richard?, was trying to even the playing field by offering up his bottled mayo. Bottled mayo vs. freshly made? But Richard's dish was picked as better anyway. I'm most interested in seeing more of Stephanie and maybe Mark (tho the Marmite use may have been just a gimmick). Stephanie's spring rolls sound great but I can't see myself springing for demi-glace to cook the legs. Maybe substituting already confited legs would be good?
The winning recipe this week: DUCK BREAST & DUCK SPRING ROLLS