January 29, 2011

Wheat free, week four

Week four was ridiculously easy to do wheat free.  After my minor sugar indulgence last Sunday I found it very easy to resist the rice and sweets during this week and bread barely crossed my mind.  At every meal I've tried to increase the amount of vegetables so I felt full and I ate some 85% dark chocolate most days.  The big problem with the chocolate is that it may be too much caffeine for me to handle in the evenings.  At least one night this week I could not fall asleep!  So yesterday I made up a batch of these Magic Lemon Bars to give myself a lower sugar alternative treat without any caffeine.  They were delicious and I slept quite well!  The matching Magic Lemon Puddings are next on my agenda.

Big this week were egg foo young omelets.  With the seed catalogs filling my mailbox and dreams, I'm itching to plant something-- anything!!  And the best thing to grow this time of year is sprouts.  Mung bean sprouts with pink shrimp and local eggs make the best egg foo young.  I forgo the guilt-inducing gravy and instead add a splash of wheat-free tamari on top.  I'd like to post the recipe but as tasty as these are there isn't much I've found I can do to make them not look like something my cat threw up.  I do have a treat made today to post but we'll just have to see how long this nap of Penny's lasts.  Until then, here are some pictures from this week.
 It's been cold here and everyone needs to snuggle together, Fritz and Perfect
And Nelson and Penny
I found the cutest bibs on Etsy, went to take a picture of Penny in one and she made such a face!
Alex said it was her "Queen Elizabeth face" which had us cracking up.  At least some history is sinking in!
A much more flattering shot