January 9, 2011

Wheat free, week one

I couldn't lose pass up the opportunity to catch a few precious rays of Michigan winter sunshine this morning so the whole family went for a hike through the neighboring orchards.  We saw lots of interesting animal tracks and a noisy pilated woodpecker, maybe the same one that occasionally visits my suet feeder?   

Week one of my recent wheat free adventure has gone well.  I went most of the week focusing on meats, sprouted beans, vegetables and fruit but then yesterday got the urge to do a little baking.  For Alex and some visiting friends I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and then this morning I made some chocolate chip muffins.  I also made lemon muffins for Alex earlier in the week but didn't have more than a nibble myself.  All of these were wheat free and not bad but not terribly noteworthy either.  I think it will take a little more practice to feel like my baked goods are "blog worthy" but I do feel capable of making things to curb a craving and feed the hungry boy.

In lieu of a recipe today I have a few snack recommendations I've been meaning to pass along.  These are completely uncompensated plugs for products that I know I could make myself but just find it a relief that someone is out there making them.  Everything in moderation and all, including laziness!  Here are my recent favorite convenience foods:

Earth Chips   I ordered some of these after reading Alisa of Go Dairy Free's review of their chocolate flavor.  Alisa was right, the chocolate ones are really good and a HIT with Alex!  He also likes the vanilla flavor.  I crave salty things and love the Cheezy Nutty version.  They also sell sprouted nuts that are to die for!!

Sea's Gift Korean Seaweed Snack   Another fix for salty snack cravings, Alex and I love the satisfying crunch of these seasoned nori sheets.  The shredded version is great for topping vegetable dishes or on diced avocado.  I used them a while back on these savory tuiles.

Chocolate Chia Goodness I mix up chia puddings on my own but for lazy breakfasts this combination is spot on. It's good mixed with unsweetened almond or hemp milk but even better stirred into So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt.

Penny and me
Alex sledding
New year = new puppy
Presenting Perfect our new border collie, I personally can't stand the name but John and Alex love it and I haven't convinced them anything is better suited to her.
Here she is wrestling with Fritz
Fritz is still the "baby" of the family though.  His small size and cuteness get him privileges no other dog would get.  Here he is napping on my lap with Penny.