January 15, 2011

Wheat free, week two

Week two of my wheat free January went smoothly.  I haven't done any baking yet this week but did indulge some of my starch cravings and had some homemade fried rice and some oatmeal.  So I ate some grains but only at a few meals.  The big success this week was coconut curry beef from The Primal Blueprint Cookbook.  Since I can't do chiles while nursing I left out the chili flakes and tripled the fresh ginger.  I also didn't have carrots and instead added sweet potatoes from our 9 Bean Rows share.  It was fantastic!

For snacking, I made a couple batches of soaked, rinsed and dehydrated walnuts and pecans.  I can't decide if I like a final soak in salted water or not.  I also got two new ingredients to play with: unsweetened dried pineapple, which taste crazy sweet after having almost no sugar for these past two weeks and some date paste, which I'm interested in trying out as a sweetener in baked goods.  Will date paste work better than date sugar?

Since we're getting a fresh load of snow this weekend here are some kid picts.  This past week Penny has been really liking turnips.  She ate them eagerly from beef soup as well as some plain boiled ones.  So I decided to take my chances with my cloth diapers and made her some beet cubes to eat.  They weren't quite the hit the turnips were but still well received.  She's getting teeth all over the place now.  She has a lower incisor fully sprouted and it's adjacent tooth broken through.  Then I noticed on top she has both her lateral incisors broken through even though the central ones aren't coming in yet.
Penny showing off her tooth
Alex consented to a haircut this week.  I had no luck getting him to smile nicely for the camera though.

P.S. Is anyone else as tremendously thrilled that Carla is doing so well on Top Chef? I thought I'd be rooting for Richard or maybe even Marcel just to be contrary but I'm completely on Team Carla now. This lettuce wrap recipe is so brillant, Hooty Hoo!