August 29, 2008

Nutty Bacon Dog Treats

After Abbie's appearance yesterday my husband complained that our dogs Karmal and Roxy are not getting any face time on the blog. Ok, I named it Dog Hill Kitchen but I'm really a cat person. The dogs are my husband's true loves. John whined enough so I figured I'd post a picture of our two dogs to get him off my back. Then I remembered Peanut Butter Boy's dog treat recipe I had seen just days ago. The poo shaped treats which he himself ate (!) cracked me up. We don't eat peanut butter, but I had a fresh jar of Sunbutter for a substitute. It was their new organic unsweetened kind and I wasn't liking it. I love the regular creamy and crunchy Sunbutter but I needed a way to use the unsweetened up.

There was a problem though. Our dogs are spoiled rotten and Roxy in particular is very picky. I cook for them fairly regularly and I've even taken to alternating their meals with raw. I try and give my two kitties a couple of raw meals a week too. I decided to enhance the recipe with a touch of bacon. I also had some soy flour not being used so I swapped that in too. I figured it would add more protein to the recipe.

Just as the oven finished preheating and everything measured out who should arrive but Alex's friends from next door. "Whatca making?" was the first thing out of the little girl from next door's mouth. She and Alex had fun making the soft pretzels last week so I invited them to help. The older boy couldn't be lured away from our Wii but the younger two were all for it. It was a great project for the kids. They took turns adding the premeasured ingredients and mixing each in. Then we all rolled out a piece of dough and cut out shapes. We sent her home with a bag for their dog.

Roxy was suspicious when I offered her a treat but after seeing Karmal gobble her's up she went ahead and ate it. Then they both were clamoring for more. I tasted one and these are most deinitely not for humans. Here's the recipe and pictures of the dogs enjoying their treats.

Nutty Bacon Dog Treats
Makes ~6 dozen 1" diameter treats

Visual ingredient list
3 slices of bacon, diced
1 egg
1/3 cup creamy natural peanut butter (or Sunbutter)
1 tablespoon maple syrup (bacon + maple seemed like a good idea)
3 tablespoons water
1/2 cup soy flour
1/2 whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 cup wheat germ

-Preheat oven to 300 degrees and line two baking sheets with parchment paper.
-Fry the diced bacon until crispy. With a slotted spoon, remove the crispy bacon but save the fat. Allow the fat to cool slightly (2-5 minutes)
-Add the egg, peanut butter, maple syrup and water to the bacon fat and mix thoroughly.
-Add in the flours and wheat germ and mix until combined. Stir in the crispy bacon pieces.
-Roll out the dough on a lightly floured surface to about 1/4" thick. Cut into desired shapes. I used three different 1" cookie cutters.
-Bake in the oven for 12-15 minutes (for 1" diameter shapes) until lightly browned.
-Cool and make them beg for it.

Roxy and Karmal snacking on their treats
Roxy is black and brown and Karmal is golden

They're cute all right but the one on the left, I've caught her eating poo, more than once.
Cats are SO much better.


Nikki Miller-Ka said...

oh, how do puppies love peanut butter! I'm allergic, so I use soynut butter for everything. I really don't like Sunbutter. But I am totally making these for my baby tomorrow. Her name is Hermione.

Lisa said...

These look almost good enough for humans to eat :)

shellyfish said...

We're probably getting a dog soon & I'll bookmark this recipe! (We are also getting a kitty, just for the record!). said...

Those look AWESOME! And your dogs are so cute! I love homemade dog treats. Nothing beats knowing whats IN the food we give our animals!

Maggie said...

Nikki: I feel the exact opposite about soy nut butter. I can't stand it but love Sunbutter. My son goes off and on the Sunbutter. One week he loves it and the next he won't touch it.

lisa: Thanks, they weren't too tasty.

shellyfish: How fun! We're planning on getting a puppy when we move. I'm still baffled as to how I agreed to it.

Rachel: Thanks! It's fun to cook for pets. They're so thrilled with anything homemade.

Natasha said...

Roxy reminds me of a dog I once had. I just adore dogs! Yours are so cute!

once in a blue moon... said...

have really enjoyed looking over your blog. i love dog hills name, gives me a little pang of joy to know more dogs will be romping and playing there soon. you take great shots, from pets to food, very enjoyable~

Amanda said...

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my blog. I just got my camera repaired so there will plenty of pics to come. With one, the grooming wasn't too bad, but with two I might be tempted to go with the puppy cut fur the summer months and let it grow back for the winter to start a cycle. Only time will tell. Cute pups! I miss having bigger dogs.

Sophie said...

Those doggy cookies look superb!

Rebecca said...

hey there! what kind of dog is roxy?

Maggie said...

Rebecca: Roxy and Karmal are both shelter animals so we don't know for sure. We were told that Roxy was a Australian shepherd mix. The vets that have seen her think that is correct. She is a very smart dog and does have herding tendencies. Plus she has the double coat of that breed.

I highly recommend checking out if you are looking for a new companion.

Anonymous said...

You're disgusting! For the record, cats suck.

Anonymous said...

I tried this recipe last night - my dog got excited as soon as I started frying the bacon - but the dough never came together - it just continued to crumble no matter what I did. I tried and tried to make it work but in the end just had to smash it all on a baking sheet and bake the entire thing and turn it into a crumble/brittle. Overall, I was upset because it was a waste of my time and money - but at least now I know better than to try a recipe from someone who loves cats more than dogs.

Sharon said...

My daughter made these with her two Grandma's (with their dogs plus ours to supervise) as part of a Christmas get together and they turned out great! The Dogs LOVE the treats and we'll be making them again soon.
No problems with dough. Did revise the recipe slightly due to the ingredients we had on hand -- used 4 slices of bacon (which means more drippings), oat flour instead of the whole wheat and regular four instead of the soy.
..... and by the way, I love both DOGS and CATS -- dogs give love while cats take away negativity (which it's obvious some of you could use!)

Anonymous said...

I made this treat for Christmas. It turned out really good! My dog loved it. I found all ingredients at Whole Foods.

Anonymous said...

FYI.... The bacon or bacon drippings can give your dog pancreatitis, which can kill it. Great to know what's in the food you feed your dog, however many people make mistakes and feed dogs things that can be very dangerous to them, including: grapes, raisins, onions, etc. They are not humans. Hope no one's pet gets sick from this.

Christine James said...

"1/2 cup soy flour
1/2 whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 cup wheat germ"

I know it's gonna sound terribly ignorant, but what's wheat germ and why should i bother buying a whole package of it just to make dog treats?

From what little research i've done, i haven't seen anything that says there's anything wrong with using just plain all-purpose flour.

So, here's my question:
Can i just use regular flour instead of soy flour, wheat pastry flour & wheat germ?

I really don't care about being super 'organic' or making my dog a vegan or any of that stuff, I'm just sick and tired of having to research everything she eats to make sure it's not gonna like KILL HER or something (which can totally effing happen, isn't that terrifying?).

So instead of doing a full research report on every treat i buy her, i'll just buy a doggy cookie jar and fill it with stuff i KNOW doesn't have fake sugars or liver or some other ridiculous thing that obviously kills dogs in it.

Barking Dog Collar said...

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Anonymous said...

Fuckin asshole

Gale said...

Galenr0n--Since there have been so many recalls on dog treats I started making my own. This recipe sounds good. I actually was looking for jerky recipe. My 3 girls love my liver cake recipe and it is so easy I don't mind making it. You mix all ingrediants in blender and cook in microwave 6-8 minutes! I use chicken livers and wheat flour.

Anonymous said...

Ok children get it together no need to swear.

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with you. I know because I had one that got pancreatitis from eating from the table...from there he got diabetes and had to have a special diet food that you could only get at the vets and he had to have 15 units of insulin two times a day. He was 15 & 1/2 when he lost his battle after having yet another stroke. But we went way beyond what was needed to care for him simply because we loved him so much. So folks think twice before feeding your furbabies "people food" cause it can and WILL kill them.

Anonymous said...

I am so making these for my dogs this week. Your dogs are adorable and in my personal opinion dogs are way better then cat's. Thank's for the recipe I am sure my dogs will love it.

Raine said...

My beagle mix is super picky though jumps for the bacon pan. And your dog Roxy looks like my old dog Sadie.

e5wife said...

Seriously right now? This is not a good recipe for your pets. I feel so bad for the negative comments that people have left and it wasn't nice but seriously some of these ingredients are not only harmful to humans they are harmful to our fur babies too. People do your research please before pulling recipes off the internet.

ukash said...

very good dog , i love dog hills name, gives me a little pang of joy to know more dogs will be romping and playing there soon. you take great shots, from pets to food, very enjoyable

Diana Klingenberg said...

I use baked sweet potatoes with organic peanut butter wheat flour quick oats and egg. My dogs about take your fingers off to get one.

Anonymous said...

gonna make this and several others and give as gifts for xmas ti doggy followers/friends on instagram!!ツ♥

Anonymous said...

Dogs eat poop because they don't have enough protein in the diet. Increase the protein content of their dog food and this habit will disappear!