January 22, 2012

My January Whole 30 Prpgress

I've passed the halfway mark for my January Whole 30 .  Here are some notes on the experience so far:
-After the first couple of days I decided to give up dried fruit.  The figs and dates were just too tempting and I felt like I was sure to overload on them.   Fresh fruit has been easier to eat in moderation, though I did have a few days last week where I ate more apples than I'd like.
-I feel really great when I eat my greens.  That extra rule is the one I've been most consistently following.   Also I've discovered a few chopped, toasted hazelnuts will do wonders for a salad.  Previously I neglected this nut, maybe it's time for hazelnut oil vinaigrettes?
-Week two was by far the easiest.  I ate much more low carb that week and I even had a vegetarian day, with only eggs for protein.  I felt really full of energy.
-Week three has been the hardest.  I ate more apples than I would like and had more sugar cravings.  Every time I walked by the above pictured snow-covered light I thought about whipped cream and ice cream.  I'm also missing alcohol more than I thought I would, just a single glass of wine or even just wine for braising.   I find that strange because I'm really not someone who drinks regularly.
-I miss good hard salami.  Every brand I can find has at least some sugar.  It's going to be the first thing I add back in to my diet.
-I've become more curious about how much the cravings and high energy feelings are related to my hormonal cycles.  I guess I need to chart more to figure that out.

Just 9 days to go!